What We Do

Reliance Solicitor is one of the London’s largest law firms 2 offices in East London. Our goal is to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals, membership organisations and ethnic groups, in their personal, employment and business affairs. Contact us if you need legal help with any matter involving immigration and Human Rights laws, Personal Injuries, Family Law and Commercial Law. Our qualified solicitors are always happy to provide high quality service at very competitive rates. We believe in providing fast, friendly, reliable, affordable, honest and professional services to our clients.


Reliance Solicitor deal with all your immigration matters including spouse visa, work visa, student visa, Points based system applications, Asylum and Human Rights, Appeals etc. With our experience and high success for our clients we are always here to assist you with your legal problems in the most professional and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on providing a caring and supportive service to our clients. We have experienced immigration solicitors at hand to deal with any of your immigration problems and to provide quality service at competitive prices…


If you are going through a tough time and are facing a divorce, domestic abuse, separation or any other family difficulties, we would be able to help you through your hardship in terms of dealing with any related legal complexities in an efficient manner. We offer one-to one consultation and support when you need it the most. Our team will listen to you, support you, give you your options that you can go through for the best possible outcome for your situation…


If you need guidance on the law relating to commerce & business Reliance Solicitor has the expert analysis and commentary that you need. We are covering everything from agreements, Contracts through to the sale of goods and employee relations…


To claim compensation for a personal injury caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault, call Reliance Solicitor on 0203 475 4545. Immediately tell us where and how the accident taken place, possibly it was an accident at work or a traffic accident; and notify us about your personal injuries so we can assist you recognize whether or not you have a claim for compensation. Reliance Solicitor will weigh up your claim on its merits with the information you offer, and settle on how successful your injury claim is possible to be…


Reliance Solicitor offer an exclusive and inclusive service for business and personal clients; cover up all corporate, company and commercial matters. We also offer a customized and private approach to conventional legal issues, providing realistic ad pragmatic solutions to assemble your financial objectives. Our established skills wrap all features of commercial and private law, permitting us to provide you with the advice you anticipate from any professional lawyers, but with a proper expertise…


This is said that civil litigation is the “sport of kings.” Any proceeding that listed outside the range of the criminal dominion is measured a civil proceedings. These proceedings cover many miscellaneous areas of law, including but not restricted to, personal injury wrongful death, divorce, employment law, toxic tort, product liability, medical malpractice and intellectual property law. Contrasting mediation civil litigation is an impressive effort that can be hard and expensive to pursue, and not a speedy road to travel toward a final resolution….


Reliance Solicitor is a highly celebrated eviction cases covering England and Wales. We are a private law firm specialising in helping landlords evict surplus tenants, as well as recovering rent arrears. The number of properties that you own is insignificant, we delight ourselves in treating every case, regardless of size, with the efficiency and attention it deserves….


In UK law, a Commissioner for Oaths is a person appointed by the Lord Chancellor with power to administer oaths or take affidavits. All practising solicitors have these powers but must not use them in proceedings in which they are acting for any of the parties or in which they have an interest. These powers granted are to administer oaths, take affidavits and statutory declarations. This is an appointment automatically granted to certain legal professionals who are in practice in their respective profession or to some others because of their particular position or role in the legal system….

Whenever we finish a case, we ask clients to give us their feedback of our service. We pay careful attention to the results & take action to make immediate improvements if we are falling short of your expectations in any aspect of our service.